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Feature Length Films

The two key things you take into consideration when you’re planning to shoot a feature length movie are: quality and return on investment. The latter scares potential investors the most. And we have that covered in robust partnerships with some of the best distribution networks locally and internationally. Our world class technical team ensures quality is not compromised in any way.

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We are very modest, but we make bold to say that we are one of the best documentary production outfit in the sub region. With a team of very articulate and extraordinary professionals who have made names in places like National Geographic Channel (NATGEO), BET, TV ONE, etc., we treat every documentary like it’s headed for the big screens.

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TV Commercials

The era of taking TV Commercial jobs to the U.S.A, Europe, South Africa, etc. is over. Right here in Nigeria, we’re humbly and silently cruising on to a global place of professional pride in TV Commercial productions. Attention to details, finesse and accuracy stand us out from the crowd.

Product Placement/Brand Integration

Product Placement and Brand Integration are advertising and public relations techniques used by companies to organically promote their products and services through appearances in film, television, music video or digital media. The two terms may be interchangeable, but there are differences. It takes a highly professional and articulate team to understand the differences and work the magic

Audio-Visual Profiling (Presentation Videos +)

Like documentaries, audio-visual profiling is slightly different. Without going into so much detail as in a typical documentary, audio-visual profiling takes “a hundred page information about you or your organization and shrinks it to a one-pager” without losing the vital information or details. Same technic is used to create Video Presentations

Video Library/Archiving

We build both physical and electronic video libraries for archiving and sundry storage needs. Depending on our client’s needs, we design and build to specifications and on the budget.

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